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The brand “Dat Me”, is looking forward to achieving obtainable  goals and premeditated success launching into the year 2015. This Brand is about music, style, photography, art, creativity and knowledge. We embrace  open-minded and free spirited individuals. We encourage to know thy self, be thy self,  and love thy self. Recognize who you are and don’t be afraid to be that person. People’s opinion of your true and organic identity is merely valued. This brand gravitates towards good vibes and positive energy, hard work and diligence, along with being courageous and audacious.  Diving head first into the year 2015, we expect to bring our brothers and sisters nothing less than our best.  We’re excited about our vision and ready to take this anticipated journey with all of our supporters.  Never stop working, never stop learning is our motto. No excuses, no procrastination… Get the job done!

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