No Commercials Surprise Release





       Today is the surprise release of my new music project entitled “No Commercials”. With this project, you will be able to distinctly notice the growth and maturity of Mouse on Tha Track as a Producer, Artist, and Person. A number of controversial issues have evolved in the world since the “Air Time’ project of last year (2o14). You will hear me express my disposition throughout this project “No Commercials”. I went with this title from a metaphorical sense on  not buying the “bullshit” that the misperceptions of the world are selling. There are countless stories of world history that aren’t as factual as they are being told and taught. Too many systems and traditions are misunderstood if not understood at all. Also, people tend to glorify and lust for things that don’t increase their spiritual value. (Which best way to attract you to these things other than advertising a commercial?)  If you are a day 1 Mouse On Tha Track fan, you can still look forward to that “Mouse” signature sound as always. This project is filled with inspiring and motivational tracks to put you in an  uplifting mood, boost your daily drive, and help you block any negative energy that comes your way. I didn’t give this project a release date because i didn’t want anyone to wait. I wanted people to see it, click a link, and listen to it! That’s another reason I named it “No Commercials”. From my perspective, I feel that promoting an album constantly before a release date is overrated these days. With a vast social media following and a fast paced music world, it doesn’t take much to spread the word and get heard. Social media is definitely comparable to the streets in my opinion, they have a lot in common. The goal is to reach out to people and win them over as a fan. But for the most part, I’m excited to hear all feedback from “No Commercials”, and I hope the listeners will have an appreciation for my artistry, creativity, and vibe. “No Commercials can be heard at these websites: www.datmeonline.com/sounds  www.soundcloud/mouseonthatrack

This project is also available on: iTunes, AmazonMp3, Google Play, eMusic, Rhapsody and BeatsMusic.               ENJOY!